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Season 2 > November 2018

Season 2 will begin on Sunday, November 4th with the Championship game on Sunday, December 9th, and we are now accepting registrations in two divisions according to age.  There are two steps to registering as a team and as a player...

Step 1) Team Leaders (the person creating a team) can register a team in either the 18+ Division (all players must be at least 18 years old) or the 35+ Division (all players must be at least 35 years old).  Both divisions will play on Sunday mornings and the winners of each division will play for the Championship.  The cost to participate is $84 per team.

Register Here for 18+  | Register Here for 35+

    Note: For Season 1, all the teams were taken within the first 48 hours so be sure to register as soon possible while space remains available. 

Step 2) All players, whether you are a Team Leader, on a team, or have no team (a "Free Agent"), must Register Here as a Player to reserve your spot.  Once all the players spaces are taken for Season 2, you will need to wait until Season 3 - so register today! 


Winners will receive:

1st Place: $120 + Trophy | 2nd Place: $60 + Medals | 3rd Place: Medals 



Season 1 > Info Here 


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Reglas de la Liga en Español  |  League Rules in English