Engine Type: 3.7 hp (2.7 kW) rated; Peak 13 hp (14.9 kW)
Batteries: (8) 6V flooded lead acid
Front Suspension: Independent leaf springs with dual hydraulic shocks.
Chassis: Aluminum, Stainless, welded Aluminum, resistant to the elements.
Starting System: Electric, 48 volt DC
Steering: Self-adjusting rack and pinion.
Brakes: 4 wheel mechanical drum with foot operated multi-lock park brake.
Distance to the floor 11.4cm
Weight: 1220lb (553kg)
Towed Capacity: 1500 lbs (680.31Kg)
Tires: 18x6.5-8.6 plyrated
Speed: 15-17Mph (27kph)

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