CWB Groove 145 Wake Board

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7.00 LBS
17.63 (in)
145.00 (in)
3.00 (in)
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No matter what you are riding on — cement, plywood, corrugated pipe, chain-link fencing, metal handrails, massive wakes or UNIT kickers, Kaesen has already proved its durability and functionality in every environment. With a variable-height sidewall, slick rail-friendly base material, continuous rocker, and flex-friendly tip and tail, this board has what it takes to be a fun and lively option for any rider on any surface.

145 cm

Weight: 7.6 lbs.

Center Width: 17.63 in.

TIip / Tail Width: 13.31 in. 
Rocker Size: 2.76 in.


Optional Add-Ons:

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B. Edge Boots - One of CWB s most popular boots, the Edge combines performance, functionality and affordability like no other. 

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