Dura+ Safe - Small

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This Safe might seem small, but as small as it seems, it's tough and will resist any burglary intent, protecting your jewelry, phone, money or any compact item that needs to be kept away from intruders! with a totally configurable security code for up to 8 digits, this box will deny access to any intruder, and if you happen to forget the code, you can always rely on the 2 Emergency Keys included within the safe.

- Programmable Security Code of 3-8 Digits
- Digital Keypad with Backlit LCD Display
- Low Battery Warning
- Manual Override for Emergencies (2 Keys)
- System Pre-Drilled for Screw Fixing


- Small Unit: 7.9" x 12.2" x 7.9" / 20cm x 31cm x 20cm