High Seas P20 Deluxe Passenger Boat

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Bocazon is proud to offer a high-quality line of fully customizable passenger boats that are hand-crafted from expert designers.  These boats have been used by the Smithsonian, Panamanian Government, and various hotels and resorts with high levels of performance and reliability.  Each boats is brand new and made to order within 30-40 days (construction and delivery). 

Basic Features:

  • 18-20 Passenger Boat
  • 25 Ft Long by 6.2 Ft Wide
  • Water Drainage 
  • Decorative Line & Name of Boat
  • Standard Navigational Lights
  • Anchor & Chain

Deluxe Features: 

  • Windshield
  • Stitched Canopy Roof with Tunnel-Style Awning (stainless steel structure)
  • Fold-Down Windows
  • Level Flooring with Reduced Slippage
  • Console with Steering Wheel (your choice of location)
  • Olympus Captain's Chair
  • 5 Rows of Cushioned Seats with Back Rests
  • Internal Gas Tank
  • Standard Navigational Lights
  • Protective Rubber Molding / Bumper

Recommended Outboard Sizes:

  • Single Motor - Up to 200 HP
  • Double Motors - Up to 90 HP each

Prefer to pick and choose each component?  Our Custom Passenger Boats allow you to choose only the features you need. 

Note: Bocazon is the official online retailer of Yamaha in Panama, and an authorized seller of Suzuki. See our full selection of Yamaha Outboards & Suzuki Outboards and have your motor installed during the fabrication of your boat. 

25' Long, 6.2' Wide