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3x3 League Rules


Rule 1 - The game 

• Article 1- Definitions 

  1. The game: 2 teams of 3 players each will playThe goal of each team is to score in the opponent's basket and prevent the opposing team from using only half the basketball court. 

  1. Own / counter basketThe same area of the court the teams attack and defendIf the defensive team takes the rebound to a throw where the ball touches board and / or rimthe ball must leave the zone of 3 points for then go on the offensiveIf the launch does not contact any of the aboveit is considered that they are already in an offensive possibility. 

  1. Winner of the match: The winner will be the first to score 15 points in less than 16 minutes. If at the end of the time the mark has not been reachedthe team with the highest score will win after the stipulated time. 


Rule 2 - Playing field and equipment 

• Article 2 - Playing field 

  1. Field of playThe playing field will be a flat and hard surface, free of obstacles (Diagram 1), with dimensions of 15 meters long and 15 meters widemeasured from the inner edge of the boundary lines 

  1. Offensive and defensive zoneThe offensive and defensive zones of both teams include the basket itselfthe part of the board that gives the pitch and that part of the playing field bounded by the bottom line that lies behind its own basketthe side lines and the center line. In the event of a throw-in, if the ball makes contact with a board and / or Aro, the ball must be carried behind the 3-point line in order to pass from defensive to offensive. 

  1. LinesAll the lines will be drawn in the same color, in white or another color that contrast, 5 centimeters wide and clearly visible. 

  • Bordering linesThe playing field will be bounded by the boundary lineswhich consist of half-court lines and side linesThese lines are not part of the playing fieldAny obstacleincluding the members of a team sitting on the benchwill be at least 2 meters from the pitch. 

  •  Zones of 1 point - Zone of 2 Pointsany launching that takes place within the line of 3 (Including the line itself) Will be worth 1 Point, any launching will be done behind the line of 3 (not including the line) will be valid 2 points. 


• Article 3 - Equipment 

  1. Containment unitsconsisting of: o Boards or Basketscomposed of hoops (folding) and nets or Board supports that include protections 

  1. Basketball balls 

  1. Party clock 

  1. Marker 

  1. Launch clock 

  1. Stopwatch or suitable (visible) deviceother than the match clockto time out the dead times. 

  1. independentpowerful and clearly different signalsfor: o the launch clock operatoror the scorer / timekeeper. 

  1. Minutes 

  1. Indicators of player fouls 

  1. Equipment failure indicators 

  1. Game track • 

  1. Playing field 

  1. Adequate lighting 


Rule 3 - Teams 


• Article 4 - Equipment 

  1. Definition 

  • A team member is fit to play when he has been authorized to play with a team according to the regulations, including those that regulate the age limits, of the organizer of the competition. 

  • A team member is entitled to play when he has been registered in the minutes before the start of the match and as long as he is not disqualified or has committed 5 fouls. 

  • During game time, a team member is: 

  • Player when he is in the field of play and is authorized to play. 

  • Substitute when he is not in the field of play, but is entitled to play. 

  • Player excluded when he has committed 5 fouls and is no longer allowed to play. 

  • During a game interval, all team members authorized to play are considered players. 


2. Rule 

  • Each team consists of a maximum of 5 players and a minimum of 3 

  • During the match there will be 3 players per team in the field of play and they can be substituted 

  • Player substitutions are made in the down times with the authorization of the referee and scorer 

3. Uniforms 

  • The teams must wear shirts with the same dominant color on the back and front, if sleeves are above the elbow, long sleeves are not allowed. 

  • Each member must have a number on the shirt on the back for identification and statistics  

4. Other clothing 
  • The use of any other material that is considered by the referee to be dangerous and may injure or hurt other players will not be allowed. 


• Article 5 - Players: Injury 

  1. The referees can stop the game in case of injury of 1 or more players 

  1. If the ball is alive and there is an injury, the game will not stop until it comes off the sidelines or the basket is set. 

  1. If the player can not continue the game after 15 seconds or receives assistance he must be substituted, unless there are no players in the reserve and he must remain on the field to not make the Forfait. 

  1. Reserve players can enter the field to assist the injured with the authorization of the referee 

  1. The doctor in charge if he can enter the field of play is the authorization of the referee if he considers it necessary to intervene 

  1. Any player who bleeds or presents an open wound during a match must be replaced, and may enter again when the bleeding has been stopped and the cut has been properly covered completely and safely. 

  1. 7. The reinstatement of a player that was dealt with will take place in the form of substitution, during downtime and with the authorization of the referee. 


• Article 6 - Captain, obligations and rights 

  1. The captain will be a player chosen to represent his team on the pitch. You can address the referees politely during the match to obtain information; however, he can only do so when the ball is dead. 

  1. The captain will inform the main referee, no later than 15 minutes after the end of the match, if his team protests the result of the match, and will sign the minutes in the space indicated "Signature of the captain in case of protest". 

  1. At least 10 minutes before the scheduled start time of the match, each coach or his representative shall provide the scorer with a list of the names and numbers of the members of his team eligible to play. All members of a team whose names are registered in the act are entitled to play, even if they arrive after the match has begun. 

  1. Each captain must sign the minutes at the start of the match to confirm that they agree with the regulations and the opposing team's record. 

  1. 5. Only the captain can go to the official table during the game to obtain statistical information, only when the ball is dead and the match clock is stopped. 


• Article 7 - Players 

  1. All players must be registered before starting the tournament with the full name, identification number and passport-type photograph. 

  1. The organization of the tournament will provide digital tools for teams to register players 


Rule 4 - Game regulations 

  • Article 8 - Playtime, Maximum score, Tied score 

  1. The match will have an uninterrupted time limit (saved timeouts requested by the teams) of 16 min. 

  1. The game ends when a team reaches 15 points within that period of time. 

  1. At the end of the regulation time, the team with the highest score will be declared the winner. If there is a tie, each team must make a throw from any 3-point zone and without a defense until there is a winner. 


• Article 9 - Start and end of the match 

  1. The game starts with a draw through free throws between teams until one fails 

  1. The match can not start if the 3 players per team are not on the field 

  1. If at the 5 minutes stipulated in the calendar a team is incomplete, it may choose a maximum of 1 player that is not registered in another team to play, otherwise the incomplete team will lose forfeit 


• Article 10 - State of the ball 

  1. The ball is alive after: 

  • a team serve with its corresponding presentation. 

  • During the free throw when the thrower has the hand in his possession 

  1. The ball is dead when: 

  • It becomes any field shot or free throw 

  • An official blows his whistle while the ball is alive. 

  • It is evident that the ball will not enter the basket during a free throw and the following must be thrown 

  • The signal of the match clock sounds indicating the end of regulation time 

  1. The ball is not dead if: 

  • The ball is in the air in a shot to basket and the signal of the match clock sounds indicating the end 

  • o The ball is in the air on a free kick and an official blows his whistle to indicate any infraction that the thrower did not commit. 


• Article 11 - Position of player and referee 

  1. The position of a player is determined by the place he is touching on the ground. When it is in the air, it maintains the same position it had when it touched the ground for the last time. 

  1. The position of an arbitrator is determined in the same way as that of a player. When the ball touches a referee it is as if it touches the ground in the position where the referee is. 


• Article 12 - Alternate possession 

  1. when one or more players of opposing teams have one or both hands firmly on the ball, so that none can gain control of the ball without using excessive brusqueness. Rounds of free throw will be made until the player who fails loses possession 


• Article 13 - How the ball is played 

  1. During the game, the ball is only played with the hand (s) and may be passed, thrown, patted, rolled or bounced in any direction, subject to the restrictions of these rules. 

  1. A player will not run with the ball, will not hit him with his foot or block him with any part of his leg intentionally, nor will he hit him with his fist. 

  1. 3. Contacting or touching the ball with any part of the leg accidentally is not a violation. 


• Article 14 - Basket: when it is marked and its value 

  1. A basket is converted when a live ball enters the basket from above and remains in it or passes through it completely 

  1. It is considered that the ball is inside the basket when the most insignificant part of it is inside the basket and below the level of the basket. 

  1. A basket thrown from the free kick is worth 1 point 

  1. A basket thrown from the 2-point shooting zone is worth 1 point 

  1. A basket thrown from the 3-point shooting zone is worth 2 points 


• Article 15 - Downtime 

  1. Request to interrupt the game requested by the team captain. 

  1. Each team is entitled to a timeout of 1 Minute 

  1. The time-out can be requested while the ball is in possession, otherwise the referee will not grant it. 


• Article 16 - Possession of the Ball 

  1. During the game the scoring team keeps the ball. 

  1. If the free throw is scored the ball is kept 

  1. If the free throw is missed, the opposing team retains possession 


• Article 17 - Personal lack 

  1. Definition 

  • A personal foul is an illegal contact of a player with an opponent, whether the ball is live or dead. 

  • A player will not grab, block, push, carry, trip or impede the advance of an opponent by extending his hands, arms, elbows, shoulders, hips, legs, knees or feet, nor bend his body in an 'abnormal' position (outside of your cylinder), or incur in rough or violent play 

2. Penalty 

  • A personal fault will be recorded for the offender. 

  • If the foul is committed on a player who is not in shooting action, the game shall be resumed by a kick of the non-offending team at the point closest to the infraction. 

  • If the foul is committed on a player in shooting action the player will throw: 

• 1 shot from the free zone if the foul was made in the 1-point zone 

• 1 shot from any part of the 2-point zone if the foul was made in that zone