LG 18 Cu. Ft. (512 L) Door in Door Refrigerator

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Cooling at all times

Constant temperature is essential for the freshness of food. 
LINEAR COOLING ™ performs temperature fluctuation within ± 0.5 ° C.

Linear Inverter Compressor - Savings and Energy Efficiency

Thanks to the LG Inverter Linear compressor, a leading efficiency in the market is guaranteed by using fewer components than conventional compressors. In this way, the Linear Inverter compressor has fewer friction points generating less noise.

Access to your favorites

For those who open the refrigerator door again and again, the innovative LG Door-in-Door ™ Double Door allows you to easily access your favorite drinks and foods. In addition to the compartments in the door that offer greater space for a better organization and up to 41 * less cold air loss.

Rapid and Constant Cooling in Every Space

LG DoorCooling ™ performs a more constant and efficient cooling 35 percent faster than the conventional cooling system. Significantly reduces the temperature difference between the interior compartments and the door compartments.

99.999% Fresh Air

The HygieneFresh ™ filter removes up to 99.999% of bacteria and minimizes odors inside the refrigerator

Saves defrosting time

Fresh 0 Zone controls a temperature of around 0 ° C helping you to cook without having to wait a long time to thaw.

Multi Air Flow - Rapid and Uniform Cooling

The cold air is distributed to each space of the refrigerator thanks to its multiple air outlets.

Smart Diagnosis ™

LG's Smart Diagnosis technology, allows you to solve any problem in your refrigerator through an intelligent diagnosis that through a Smartphone detects possible failures and provides a solution guided by the service center, from your home.

LED Panel Lighting - Energy Efficiency and Greater Durability

Panel LED lighting provides greater energy efficiency and a longer service life than the lighting of conventional bulbs. 

LED Touch Display - Easy Control 

The LED Display Touch allows you to control your refrigerator, while enhancing its elegance.

Ice Factory Moving Ice Maker - Storage facility

You can move and remove the ice tray each time you require more space in the freezer. 

Easy and Comfortable Control

With SmartThinQ ™, it is possible to control and diagnose your refrigerator from your Smartphone even when you are not at home. 
In addition, it allows you to adjust the temperature, control HyfieneFresh + ™ and diagnose your refrigerator with a single touch on 


Energy Efficiency:
30,17 KwH/month
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