Miami Shipments



Bocazon has extended its services to provide two new options from Miami, Florida...


1) Deliveries to Freight-Forwarders

In order to provide a greater variety of products and newer models, various new items (such as power boats, jet skis and outboard motors) can now be purchased on our website and delivered to the freight-forwarder of your choice within 20 miles of downtown Miami.  These items appear with the notation "[Miami]" and their price includes tax and local delivery within the Greater Miami Metropolitan Area.  You may coordinate additional logistics directly with your freight-forwarder.

Note: If your freight-forwarder or shared container service is further than 20 miles from Miami, you may use this service by paying the additional shipping cost. 


2) Packages from Miami to Panama

To assist our customers with items that can't be found in Panama, Bocazon also offers a forwarding address in Miami where packages can be sent up to 40 pounds in weight, and not exceeding 60 cubic feet of total volume.  Once you know the weight and dimensions of your package, click the "Questions" button below to receive a cost estimate.


Bocazon is happy to meet the needs of online shoppers in Panama, Colombia, Costa Rica, and across Latin America with speed, reliability and high rates of customer satisfaction! 

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