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Freshness and total humidity throughout the refrigerator

Only Twin Cooling Plus ™ creates a favorable environment for preserving fresh foods in the refrigerator with 70% humidity, compared to 30% for a conventional refrigerator. In this way, keep the ingredients fresh for longer without drying them.

Frozen food incredibly tasty and odorless

The Twin Cooling Plus ™ system cools the compartments separately to prevent unwanted odors from moving from the refrigerator to the freezer. Thus, frozen foods maintain their original flavor better.

5 conversion modes as needed

Offers the ultimate in flexible storage. Easily convert your freezer into a fridge to keep all the fresh foods you need to store for different seasons or special occasions. Or switch to off mode * to save power, according to specifications.

It works longer, quieter and uses less energy

The Digital Inverter technology automatically adjusts the compressor speed according to the cold demand according to 7 levels. It uses less energy, minimizes noise and reduces wear resulting in higher durability performance.


  • 526 Net Total (Liter)
  • YesTwin Cooling Plus
  • 86.5 Net Weight (kg)
  • 790 Net Width (mm)
  • 770 Net Depth with Door Handle (mm)
  • 1,855 Net Case Height with Hinge (mm)
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158.00 LBS
27.00 (in)
70.00 (in)
26.00 (in)
Energy Efficiency:
35,3 kWh/month
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