Samsung 24 KG Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

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Intuitive central control

It is easy to use thanks to the LED touch controls in the center of the door, you do not need to bend or stretch to reach them. It looks elegant and stylish, and provides simple and intuitive access to the washing programs.

Easy prewash

Activ Dualwash ™ includes a built-in sink and a powerful water sprayer in a unified solution for hand-washing delicate items or pretreating laundry. The new design is much bigger *, to wash more clothes at the same time.

Great capacity

More capacity means less washing, and less washing is more free time to enjoy. With the great capacity you can wash more clothes in a single load faster, which saves you time and effort.

Powerful filtering

Magic Filter effectively gathers the lint and particles of your clothes. The new design has larger filters, and it is also easy to clean, just take it out and wash it.

Optimum temperature control

The optimal temperature control Magic Clean helps to remove dirt and stains more effectively. * Daily marks and marks, such as sweat, can be washed at 40 ° C, and the most stubborn and oily stains can be washed at 60 ° C. 

Long duration guaranteed

Digital Inverter technology delivers greater energy efficiency, minimum noise levels and long-lasting performance. * Uses powerful magnets for better performance, and provides excellent durability, backed by a 10-year warranty. **


The VRT technology - Vibration Reduction Technology - reduces noise and vibration during washing. It keeps the drum balanced even at high speed, regardless of the size of the load, which generates less noise.

Keeps the drum clean

The Eco Tub Clean cycle provides the ultimate in convenience: it keeps your top-loading washing machine clean - no corrosive chemicals - with a combination of rinses, pulsations and spin. It also reminds you to clean the drum every 20 cycles.

Easy problem solving

The Smart Check automatic fault monitoring system detects and diagnoses problems and offers quick and easy solutions throu