Samsung Dryer 18 KG with Eco Dry (Electric)

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The new Samsung washing machine has a capacity of 18 kg to easily handle large garments. You can wash more in a single load, so you get rid of the wash load sooner to have more free time.  

This dryer features:

  • With its super speed feature, this washer significantly reduces washing cycles. Water cascades in each direction allow the detergent to penetrate perfectly, making washing more effective, and the VRT ™ system keeps the drum perfectly balanced to reduce the number of turns.
  • With Samsung VRT Plus ™, you will no longer disturb your neighbors or wake your children if you wash at night. The 3D vibration sensors available to Samsung's DSP (Digital Signal Processor) automatically detect drum vibration so you feel free to wash your clothes anytime, anywhere.
  • Eco Drum Wash technology keeps the drum perfectly clean. It removes the mold that causes the bad smell, as well as the bacteria that can form inside the washing machine and without using chemicals. It even automatically notifies you, every 40 cycles, that a drum wash is already necessary.