> Social Responsibility


Bocazon supports Black Lives Matter in the United States and in each of the countries we serve.  As a “minority-owned” business, we understand the importance of equality for historically disenfranchised communities, and we are committed to helping economically empower the Afro-Latin and indigenous people of our region.  As our small company grows, we will seek to - 1) Work with suppliers and service providers from these communities; and 2) Provide entrepreneurial education/training so that more members of these communities may participate in our supply chain.


With Bocazon’s president having co-founded similar entrepreneurship initiatives in the United States, we understand the deep and sustainable impact these programs can have, and we will allocate a portion of sales revenue to see them implemented.  Aligned with our customers and partners, together we will contribute to the creation of more opportunities for these communities which are in need of support.