This is the perfect combo for an excellent washing routine! You won't have the need to go to a laundry shop whenever the weather is not able to dry your clothes (something very common around here in Panama) because this washing machine has an integrated dryer ready to do the job!

This Washer/Dryer Combo features:


- Surgilator® Agitator: Creates a continuous rollover action that provides a thorough cleaning of the wash load.
- 4 Wash/Rinse Temperature Combinations
- ToughTop II™ Top and Lid Finish
- Spreckle Porcelain Basket: A smooth porcelain surface resists scratches, chemicals and odors and helps protect fabric from snags so your family's clothes stay looking their best. The spreckled coloring also makes it easy to spot small items.
- 5 Wash/Spin Speed Combinations
- 3 Water Level Selections
- Easy-to-Clean Lint Filter


- Compact Thin Twin® Dryer
- Automatic Dry-Miser™ Control: Takes the guesswork out of drying. Simply choose from less dry to very dry. The automatic cycle senses exhaust air temperature and shuts the dryer off when the selected dryness is reached.
- End-of-Cycle Signal - Load your laundry and forget it! An end-of-cycle signal will alert you when the dryer cycle is finished.
- 3 Temperature Selections
- Side-Swing Door
- DuraWhite™ Interior
- Note: This item does not come with a power cable from the manufacturer, which may be purchased separately

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