Yamaha Outboard Motors [PTY]

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Current Stock: is the official online dealer for Yamaha in Panama, which includes outboard motors that are well-known for their reliability and performance to provide a more satisfying boating experience. These motors each come with twelve (12) month warranty, and 10% off official Yamaha parts for future maintenance.  All motors come with manual tiller, except the ones listed as "Auto/Trim" which include remote control and related parts.

* All prices include tax & shipping within Panama to your nearest pickup location, marina or port.  If you prefer to take possession of your motor in Miami, Florida (U.S.) please Click Here.


Note 1: Inventory in Panama is often limited with only four shipments of new outboards arriving each year.  Timely orders are encouraged.

Note 2: Any order of more than $5,000 must be paid by bank transfer, cash, or special PayPal transfer.  


For billing or payment questions, please click the "Questions" button below or e-mail